The Ultimate Soccer Shoe Guide

There are so many soccer shoes out there – how do you know the best soccer shoe for you? We’ve compiled lists of the best soccer shoes broken down into every category of shoe.  These are not just based on our opinion but the opinions of thousands of reviews across dozens of websites!

What are the best soccer shoes for you?

It is certainly true that the shoes do not make the player but the right shoes for the right situation definitely make a difference.  Without the proper cleats, players not only put themselves at a disadvantage but also an increased risk of injury. Having the proper fit, the appropriate traction for the pitch, and the right material is crucial for maximizing player performance and confidence.

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The best soccer cleats are personal – they conform to your feet, give appropriate traction on your playing surface, and complement your playing style.  A great shoe is made of high-quality materials, has a nice snug fit, and has a proven track record of durability and performance on the pitch.

What are the best soccer cleats in the world? Check out the lists below.