About Our Team

We are soccer fanatics, and we’re also average soccer players.
We are former collegiate athletes, and we’re also pick-up league champions.
We record every Premier League game, and we also watch YouTube videos to learn new skills.
We are coworkers and students by day, and we’re also parents, friends, and teammates by night.
We make plans to go to the World Cup, 
and we also set up chairs on the sidelines on Saturday mornings.
We’re passionate about soccer, and we’re here to help you.



Bryan is an average soccer player. That’s right – average – but a lifetime of mediocre soccer has given him countless opportunities to try and improve his game with any edge, including soccer cleats. 

Unfortunately, soccer shoes have not made him into a star player – but he believes they are the most crucial piece of equipment for any soccer player. 

Bryan has a passion for football and soccer cleats that inspired him to start soccershoeguide.com.  He has nearly 40 years of experience playing soccer, managing teams, and coaching his daughter’s team in Southern California.

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I suck at soccer - but I'm average with good cleats.


Managing Editor

Although she quit playing soccer in second grade, Jess has been an avid soccer spectator over the years. She’s lucky enough to have seen Messi score a goal at the World Cup, cheered on her husband as he scored a hat trick, and watched her daughter score 8 goals during a recent Mighty Mites game. All three games are equally memorable for her.

She’s now a proud soccer mom and fully embraces her role as team mom.

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Contributing Writer

A lifelong soccer player and talented center midfielder, Amber played at the collegiate level for CSU Monterey Bay and San Diego State University. Her favorite soccer player is Julie Ertz. 

In her free time, Amber enjoys hiking with her Chihuahua, and, of course, playing soccer. 

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