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I'm a lifelong, average soccer player


I Suck at Soccer – But I’m Average With Good Cleats

My name is Bryan and I’m an average soccer player.  That’s right – average – but a lifetime of mediocre soccer under my belt have given me countless opportunities to try and improve my game with any edge, including soccer cleats. 

Unfortunately I must report that soccer shoes have not made me into a star player – however they are by far the most crucial piece of equipment for any soccer player. 

My passion for football and soccer cleats gives me the inspiration to run  I have over 30 years of experience playing soccer and managing teams here in southern California and I still play every week. 

My day job is a scientist and I love messing around with data. I’ve compiled soccer cleat reviews and data from the most popular online soccer stores to bring you the best soccer cleats in the world

I want to help choose the best cleats for you.  My goal is to provide you with:


The best soccer shoes for you will be a great fit for your foot, pitch, and playing style.  Whether you are a parent looking for the best cleats for your kids or an adult playing in a professional or recreational league, this website will help you find a great pair of cleats. 

Send me an email if you have any questions about soccer shoes; I’ll be happy to share my experience and recommendations.