A Goalie’s Guide to the Best Goalkeeper Gloves of 2023

As the last point of defense, it's critical you have the skills, confidence, and best goalkeeper gloves on the market to stop those shots on goal.
best goalkeeper gloves

As a goalkeeper, having a safe pair of hands can make all the difference between a tough loss and a hard-fought victory. Technique and reflexes are key, but it starts with confidence – and having the best goalkeeper gloves on your hands doesn’t hurt, either.

The truth is – as a goalie, you want to be as comfortable as possible so that you can be at the top of your game. Hard work leads to great performance, and reliable equipment can give you peace of mind that your gear won’t fail you.

With the right mindset and proper equipment, you’ll certainly be on your way to plenty of fingertip saves and clean sheets. But first, you’ve got to make sure you have the best goalkeeping gloves that fit your needs.

There are many different options to choose from, so how do you know which ones are right for you? 

Keep reading to discover what you should be looking for when buying a new pair of goalkeeping gloves.

best goalkeeper gloves

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How To Choose The Best Goalkeeper Gloves for You

1. Determine the Right Glove Cut

When you’re searching for a new pair of goalkeeping gloves, there are two main questions you should be asking yourself: How does the fit feel, and which gloves can I depend on for maximum performance? 

The glove cut is essential for both matters. 

First things first – what does glove cut mean for goalkeeping gloves? Glove cut is simply a term that describes how the different materials are pieced together. 

When glove manufacturers design their products, special attention is paid to the stitching of the latex and foam. The goal is to create a glove cut that provides comfort and flexibility for its users.

While there are many different types of cuts, there are 3 popular ones you should know about. These are the flat cut, the negative cut, and the roll finger cut. 

Flat Cut

The flat cut – also known sometimes as a positive cut – is the more traditional of the three. The stitching is on the outside of the glove, which allows for greater movement and nice breathability. 

If you’re looking for a looser fit, these can be a great match for you.

Negative Cut

Negative cut gloves are stitched on the inside. This leads to a tighter feel that gives a closer sensation to your actual hands. 

A lot of professional goalkeepers wear these because it gives them better control of the ball. 

Roll Finger Cut

The roll finger cut also has a tight fit, but the stitching of the latex rolls around the outside of each finger. This type of cut can be great if you’re looking for gloves with better latex-to-ball contact.

Choosing the right cut comes down to your own personal preference. What’s most important is to find a pair that will fit the shape of your hands and that makes you feel comfortable.

2. Choose The Right Grip

Another one of the most important things to look for is the quality of the grip. You’ll want to go into your games knowing you can properly deal with all those screamers and tricky balls. 

A glove’s latex construction is responsible for the type of grip it has. It also determines how well the glove bends and stretches.

When you’re dealing with the grip, consider what is most valuable to you. Do you want gloves that are thin and flexible? Or are you seeking something that feels a bit more study? You’ll find that there are many different types of grip that offer varying levels of support.

In general, there are three things to keep in mind when you’re searching for the right grip:


The thickness of each pair of keeper gloves impacts how the ball will feel in your hands. 

A thinner palm can give you a better feel of the ball, while a thicker palm helps with shock absorption and protection. 

The most common sizes of thickness are 3mm and 4mm.


If gloves have softer palms, you can expect a very sticky surface that’ll help with catching and handling. 

Harder palms, however, will last longer and can adapt better to different playing surfaces.

Weather and Field Conditions

It’s a good idea to look for a grip that supports your most frequent playing conditions. A softer grip might be better if you tend to play in a lot of rainy games. But a harder grip may be what you’re looking for if your home turf is played on artificial grass for example. 

Again, it’s important that you find gloves that will be specifically tailored to your needs.

3. Measure Your Hand to Find Your Size

The gloves’ size typically ranges anywhere between 5-12. 

But what does that mean? 

Here are 4 quick steps to help you determine your best goalkeeper glove size.

  1. Wrap a tape measure around the widest part of your hand, excluding your thumb. For most people, this is normally right under the base knuckles, aka the lower knuckles where your fingers attach to the base of your hand. 
  2. Once you’ve got that number, round up to the nearest whole inch. 
  3. Then add an additional 1 inch to get your goalie glove size.

4. Look at Wrist Closure Styles

The most common wrist closure styles you’ll see are hook-and-loop, bandage, and double wrist. 

Each has its own qualities that can feel unique to its wearer. 

Hook and Loop (more commonly known as Velcro)

The hook and loop style is the traditional closure for goalkeeper gloves, and it’s still the most common.  This design offers added flexibility and security that the wrist closure will stay in place. 


The bandage-style closure is reminiscent of how you’d wrap a sprained ankle. With a longer elasticized strap, you can make the closure as tight as you’d like.

Double Wrist

The double wrist closure style offers two layers of protection. The inside of the glove offers a knitted elastic, while an additional, external layer uses a bandage closure design. This style offers the most wrist protection. 

5. Answer for Yourself: Fingersave Gloves or Not?

First, what are fingersave gloves?

Fingersave gloves include inserts that are placed within the gloves behind each finger, except the thumb. This additional level of protection for your hands and fingers prevents your fingers from bending backward, which can help you avoid injuries such as sprains, jams, and other painful injuries.

Wearing keeper gloves with fingersaves can be beneficial for novice players and those with persistent finger issues or more delicate hands. Older, more experienced goalkeepers and keepers with stronger hands tend to use gloves without fingersaves to leave more space and movement around the fingers.

This is another one of those that has die-hard folks on either side of the line, so you may want to try both options to see which is best for you.

6. Set Your Price

It can be smart to determine your price range before you start shopping, so you’re sure to find the best goalkeeper gloves that are within your budget and meet your needs.  

Some of the more expensive gloves have materials that can improve things like power and grip. But there are plenty of affordable options on the market that even high-level goalkeepers use.


Final Thoughts as You Embark on Your Quest for the Best Goalkeeper Gloves

For a great shopping experience, seek as much information as you can. It can only further your education and it’ll help you make the best decision possible.  

And don’t just take it from me. 

Check out this fantastic video from Bayern Munich and Germany’s top goalkeeper, Manuel Neuer, on how to choose your goalkeeper gloves. (Be sure to turn on closed captioning, unless you speak German!)


Reviews of the Best Goalkeeping Gloves on the Market

Adidas Predator Top Training Fingersave Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves 


First up, we have the Adidas Predator Top Training goalie gloves. What I love most about these gloves is the strength that they provide. 

The fingersaves help your hands feel sturdy and compact. This is great because it helps with effective punching, catching, and injury prevention.

They’ve got a flat-cut design that leaves enough space for your fingers to breathe and move freely. Wearing these will give you a nice feeling of cushion and support so you can make comfortable saves.

The palm is 3mm thick and the latex has a soft grip. This makes for a great pair of gloves for ball handling in all types of weather conditions. 

For the wrist closure, they’ve got a tight-fitting elastic bandage that makes it easy to slip the gloves on and off.

The gloves only come in sizes 7-12, but it’s important to note that Adidas has the same style for youth and juniors.


  • Strong backhand & finger support 
  • Comfortable spacing
  • Affordable


  • Can wear down relatively quickly
  • Non-removable fingersaves

>> Check out the Adidas Predator Top Training Gloves on Amazon


PUMA Future Z Grip 1 Hybrid Pro Goalkeeper Gloves

These gloves have somewhat of a unique design in comparison to the others. At first glance, they can look more like winter gloves than goalie gloves, but that’s what makes them special.

It’s a pair that has the best of both worlds in its hybrid combination of roll finger and negative cut. The roll finger provides a nice ball-to-latex contact for superior grip, and the negative cut ensures a snug fit for greater flexibility.

On the backhand of the gloves, the material is made of silicone, which gives them an extra boost for powerful punches. It also has a 4mm Elite+ grip, giving you incredible control of the ball in tough situations. 

I really like the innovative design because it makes them feel light and it allows for easy movement. These can be a great option for more experienced keepers who don’t need as much wrist protection.


  • Easy freedom of movement
  • Powerful grip and control
  • High-grade materials


  • Lacks wrist protection
  • On the more expensive side

>> Check out the Puma Future Z Grip 1 Hybrid Goalkeeper Gloves on Amazon


FitsT4 Goalie Goalkeeper Gloves with Fingersaves & Super Grip Palms

 The first thing you’ll notice about these gloves is that they have amazing stability. They can resist the impact of hard-fizzing shots as if they’re touch passes. 

They’re partly made from Dumbex Latex, which is one of the stiffest types. This gives them a kind of force that helps prevent shots from slipping through your fingertips.

These goalie gloves use fingersaves, in addition to having a double wrist safeguard to protect your wrists. They do a great job helping you stay injury-free so you can focus purely on your game.

With its 3mm thickness and flat cut design, you can maintain tight control of the ball without sacrificing comfort.


  • Shock absorption
  • Injury prevention
  • Suitable for any age
  • Reasonable cost


  • Can feel too spacious for some

>> Check out the FitsT4 Goalie Gloves with Fingersaves and Super Grip Palms on Amazon


Sportout Youth & Adult Goalkeeper Gloves

One of the more sought-after qualities for goalkeeping gloves is durability. If that’s a priority for you, you should definitely check out these in your search for the best goalkeeper gloves.

Sportout’s goalie gloves are composed of latex rubber and a material called Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA). These materials provide a strong and flexible grip while also being resistant to wear and tear. This is a pair of gloves you can use in any field condition or weather environment without having to worry about the gloves breaking down. 

The gloves use a newer type of fingersave system called Backbone. Like most fingersaves, they provide protection against hyperextension and jammed fingers, but these are lighter and a bit more flexible. 

In addition, the gloves utilize a double-wrist safeguard to go along with a 4mm grip. 

What you have here are gloves that carry a strong latex grip, and provide extra protection for your wrists and fingers without feeling heavy. 


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Strong, sticky grip
  • Suitable for any age


  • Fingersaves may feel restricting for some

>> Check out the Sportout Youth & Adult Goalkeeper Gloves on Amazon


Brace Master Goalie Gloves for Youth & Adult

Brace Master is a company that specializes in gloves for various sports. This is their one and only product made specifically for goalkeepers.

The palms of these gloves are made using 3mm German latex, which helps the gloves maintain a durable and protective quality. The backhand is also 3mm thick, making it a tight-fitting pair of gloves.

These gloves have great grip – especially considering their price. 

They come with strong fingersaves that help prevent hyperextended fingers. The gloves use a hook-and-ladder wrist closure that ensures a tight fit around the wrists.

Purchasing these gloves comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So it’s very much a low-risk, high-reward option.


  • Flexible, rubber-like grip for catching
  • Easy to take care of
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Affordable and dependable


  • Not much padding for the thumbs
  • Wrist closure can feel too tight for some

>> Check out the Brace Master Goalie Gloves on Amazon


Renegade GK Triton Goalie Gloves with Microbe-Guard 

 Touted as the official goalkeeping gloves of the National Premier Soccer League, these gloves offer numerous advantages for beginners and high-level players alike. 

The gloves sport a roll finger cut with German latex on the palms. This specific combination helps to maintain its grip while playing on hard or artificial surfaces. If you play your games on a high school football field, or if you’re in goal for your futsal team, these can be a great match for you. 

You can also count on these gloves to be durable. They have pre-arched, super grip palms that bend and stretch easily without tearing.

An additional benefit of these gloves is the Microbe-Guard. Microbe-Guard is a type of product that effectively eliminates all bacteria when it’s applied to other products. Renegade found a way to incorporate the product into their gloves which helps keep them free from odor.


  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • Special materials help to prevents odor
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • Using the fingersaves can make it feel a bit tight

>> Check out the Renegade GK Triton Goalie Gloves on Amazon


Jalunth Goalkeeper Soccer Gloves

Jalunth’s gloves are made up of latex, leather, and polyester. This mixture makes for a rather light feel for the hands. Due to its materials, you might notice that it has a unique scent out of the box.

A super-soft grip gives them nice contact for catching—though it’s more of a beginner-level grip. It’s a very affordable set of gloves that’s tailor-made for youth keepers. 

The gloves also have a box and flat cut around the fingers and palms. This ensures that you’ll have nice breathability and movement, especially around the fingers. 

Your wrists are going to be well-protected when wearing these gloves—the Velcro hook-and-loop closure gives you a nice and secure wrist wrap.

These gloves are a great consideration for young players because they provide great comfort and strength. If you’re looking for a pair of dependable gloves for your kids or players, this is a great option to check out. 


  • Affordable
  • Breathable
  • Great fit for younger players


  • The material is basic relative to other gloves

>> Check out the Jalunth Goalkeeper Gloves on Amazon


Final Thoughts on the Best Goalkeeper Gloves

As you can see, there are quite a few different factors to consider when choosing your next goalkeeper gloves. 

Each set of gloves will have qualities that’ll be unique to its wearer, so it helps if you can define what your greatest needs are.

If I had to choose the best goalie gloves out of this list, I’d go with Sportout’s Youth & Adult Goalkeeper Gloves

The gloves are affordable, supportive, and they can adapt well to different weather and field conditions. Personally, I prefer gloves with thicker palms so I can catch and punch hard shots without feeling too much impact. I also like the traditional flat-cut design since it gives my hands a bit more space to breathe. 

Take a good look at your history to determine what’s always worked well for you. That should let you know what type of fit, grip, protection, and other features are best suited to you. Good luck on your search and always remember to have fun out there!

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