What is the Best Portable Team Bench in 2023?

Finding the best portable soccer bench can benefit everyone on the team - players, coaches, and team managers alike. 
Best Portable Team Bench

Adding the best portable team bench to your gameday arsenal can be the perfect aid to support you in your weekly games.

How so?

Well, just imagine—it’s early Saturday morning and you’ve arrived at your tournament amidst the buzz of hundreds of players, coaches, and fans. It’s gametime.

It’s hard to predict what the field conditions will be like, and you’re never quite sure how far you’ll have to travel to get from one field to another. And it can be challenging sometimes to ensure that everyone on your team has a place to sit.

I know this can be a hassle, but I have good news for you. 

Finding the best portable soccer bench can benefit everyone on the team. Players will have a comfortable place to rest so they can stay engaged, ready to play and confident their soccer bags will be where they left them. And for coaches and team managers, the benches are convenient and easy to carry around.

If you’re looking to buy a new portable team bench, we’re here to help. Check out our guide on selecting the best portable sports bench for your team. 

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What To Look For in Your Search for the Best Portable Team Bench


When you’re searching for the best portable team bench, start with safety in mind. You’ll want to find a bench with a strong, dependable frame that comfortably supports all your players.

The bases of these portable folding benches are typically made of steel. Good steel frames are easy to adjust while being sturdy enough to withstand the weight of multiple players. Some benches offer reinforced strength by using materials such as iron pipes and vertical support poles. You’ll also want to make sure that the frame is free from any sharp edges or loose-fitting assembly.

Another thing to be aware of is the bench’s feet. You’ll notice that most frames will have small pieces affixed to the bottom of each leg. This helps to ensure that the bench will stay in place once all your players take their seats. Field conditions can be unpredictable, so it’s important to look for a solid foundation that’ll keep the bench level on any type of surface.

Seating Material

Seating material plays a large role in how comfy your players will feel in their seats. Ideally, you want to find a bench that helps prevent aches or stiffness as players sit for extended periods of time.

A great way to ensure this comfort is to choose a portable team bench with durable padding material. Most of these benches are made using either nylon or polyester fabric. There are a few subtle differences between the two, so choosing one will depend on identifying your greatest preferences. Nylon tends to have a softer, more flexible surface, while polyester is typically harder and more resistant to outdoor wear and tear.

Also, be on the lookout for added conveniences like double-layer padding and mesh seating. Double-layer fabric strengthens the overall surface area of each seat, while mesh designs can provide a sense of cooling for players during hot temperatures.

Seating Capacities

Portable bench seating capacities refer to the number of available seats, the amount of weight it can hold, and the length and width of each seat. In this section, consider the specifications that best support the characteristics of your team.

Number of Seats

There are a number of fine portable team benches on the market that only hold up to 4 seats. This could be a great option if you have a small youth soccer team. 

Typically, the standard portable bench can hold up to 6 seats. If you have a larger team with many substitutes, you can buy two portable sports benches to accommodate all your players. 

Keep in mind that the more seats a bench has, the heavier it will be to carry around.

Weight Capacity

For the majority of portable team benches, you’ll find that each seat can hold up to 200 pounds. This, however, is usually the recommended minimum weight capacity. 

Some of the benches you’ll see online can hold up to 250 pounds per seat. These benches may be harder to find and more expensive, but they offer an even greater level of support and durability.

Seat Sizes

When it comes to the width of each seat, something within the range of 17-18 inches is standard. Anything above that will be above average, which means each seat will provide greater space and added comfort for your players. Meanwhile, a smaller width size can be a perfect match for youth and junior players.

Regarding the length of each seat, the size is made to accompany its width. What’s important here is to decide whether or not you’d like a portable team bench that has backrest support. The benches that have backrests do a better job of helping your players prevent abs and back strain while resting.


Maybe the best thing about these portable team benches—apart from the rest and comfort they provide—is how easy it is to carry them around. As opposed to those hard aluminum benches that can be difficult to grasp, the best portable team benches come with convenient storage cases that are easily transportable.

Each product you find will have its own unique type of bag storage. Some of them come with duffel bags that strap around the shoulder, whereas others may come with a backpack or laptop-style case. Consider choosing a style that best fits your comfort level and gameday experience.

Coolers, Pockets & Other Options

Another helpful aspect about the best portable sports benches is the different types of features that can be added to them.

On a hot summer day, it’s nice to have drinks or snacks readily available to your players after they’ve put in a hard-working shift. Some of these benches come attached with things like coolers and cup holders so that refreshments aren’t so far away.

You can also find benches that come with pockets on either side. If you’re looking to keep your players up to speed with the game plan, pockets can provide your players easy access to things like game notes and instructions.

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Reviews of the Best Portable Sports Benches

Trademark Innovations – 6 Seat Bench With Back 

Let’s start off with this classic 6-seater by Trademark Innovations. Sold in blue, black, and red color options, this portable sports bench is a dependable and convenient option for teams of any age.

If you’re looking for effortless portability, this is one of the best benches you can find on the market. 

Its alloy steel frame gives the bench a lightweight feel while maintaining a strong foundation. The steel also makes it easy to set up—due to the light frame, you won’t have to worry about assembling or keeping track of any spare parts. You can simply pull the bench out of the bag and set it up within seconds.

The bench holds up to 200 lbs. per seat, so it’s suitable for youth, juniors, and adults. It’s worth noting that while the construction of the frame allows for its lightweight quality, it can tend to lose some balance when placed on uneven surfaces.


  • Multiple color options
  • Very lightweight 
  •  Suitable for any age


  • May seem smaller than advertised
  • Can feel unbalanced on rougher surfaces

> Check out Trademark Innovations 6-Seat Bench with Back on Amazon


Kwik Goal – 6 Seat Bench 

This portable sports bench is true to its name. Kwik Goal’s 6-Seat Bench is another great option if you’re looking for something with a fast set-up and storage speed. It comes with a strong nylon carry bag that makes it easy to transport the bench around the field.

The bench is one of the pricier options on this list, but that’s just because of its top-quality durability and support. With its heavy-duty nylon padding, you have a bench that can last for years while continuing to maintain its soft comfort. It’s also got a strong frame and vertical support poles that hold steady even amongst the worst field and weather conditions. 

If you look at the size of the bench, you’ll notice that it has a smaller, compact design. While it’s indeed a perfect fit for kids, the strength of the nylon and steel ensures that it can hold up for adults just as well.


  • Extensive Durability
  •   Spacious seats
  •   Slips easily into carrying bag


  •   May feel heavy to carry around

> Check out the Kwik Goal 6-Seat Bench on Amazon


Yaheetec Portable Sideline Bench 

If you prefer a portable team bench that offers the best blend of size and comfort, Yaheetec’s Portable Sideline Bench could be exactly what you’re looking for. The overall length of the bench reaches up to 106’’, which provides additional space for its 6 individual seats.

The added length fits nicely with the high backrest, making the bench an ideal fit for taller adult players. Its 600D oxford double layer fabric gives the bench a comprehensive level of support. The double layer produces a softer feel, and it adapts well to rainy conditions. Your players will appreciate how cozy it feels to sit on this couch-like bench.

Another cool feature about this portable sports bench is the pocket case that’s attached to each end. These pockets are big enough to store things such as drinks, tape, and other game items. The sheer size of this bench is the main draw, but just be aware that the added length can make it harder to stay durable.


  • Added length increases comfort and space
  • Oxford double layer is weather-resistant
  • Convenient pockets to store game-related items


  • Seating material can wear down with frequent use

 > Check out the Yaheetec Portable Sideline Bench on Amazon


QuickPlay 6 Seat Bench with Shelter

Here’s another 6-seat portable team bench, but this one has some distinct features that the others don’t have. For starters, it comes with a shelter that can be added to the frame. You have to do some short assembly work to get it on, but it’s ultimately worth it for the extra level of protection against harsh weather conditions or to provide welcome shade on a hot afternoon.

Each seat can fit up to 250 lbs., which makes it one of the most stable and secure benches you’ll find. The frame is constructed using alloy steel, so it’ll be able to sit tight and firm on most surfaces. It’s a heavy-duty bench that you can feel safe in, but you’ll need to be okay with managing the added weight while carrying it around.

This is a convenient portable bench especially if you play your games in an area with a lot of rain or hot days. The shelter and extra weight capacity add to its price, but you can feel at ease with the investment due to the 2-year parts warranty that comes with your purchase. 


  • Shelter helps with weather protection
  • Strong weight capacity
  •  2-year parts warranty


  • Requires assembly work
  • Heavier to carry

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Trademark Innovations – 8 Seat Bench

Coming in as the first 8-seater on the list, this portable team bench by Trademark Innovations has two intriguing options to choose from. 

The 8-seat, no backrest version is one of the lightest benches you can find online. It comes with a lightweight case that you can easily carry around with your hand or shoulder. While the frame is strong and simple to fold, the lack of backrest makes it better suited for kids. It’s popular among youth teams because it matches up well with their weight and movement.  A backrest might not be as important when your kids are bouncing around with all that energy.

The other version does have a backrest, though it’s considerably more expensive. To compensate for the additional seats, the bench is made from higher-grade textile material. This ensures that it maintains its strength and durability while keeping it at a manageable weight. 


  • Great consideration for larger teams
  • Have the option to choose backrest vs. no backrest
  • No assembly required
  • Easy to collapse and transport 


  •  8-seater with backrest is expensive
  •  Legs may wear down with higher weight

> Check out the Trademark Innovations 8 Seat Bench on Amazon


Trademark Innovations – Bench With Cooler

The third and final Trademark Innovations bench on the list, this model comes attached with a cooler in the middle of the bench. It’s a convenient addition that allows you to put plenty of ice-cold drinks within arm’s reach of your players. The cooler has an effective drainage system which makes it easy to clean and care for.  

 Made of 600D polyester seating material, it’s a bench that is sturdy, durable, and wear-resistant. It’s a touch smaller compared to other benches, but that contributes to its compact nature and reliable frame.

This portable sports bench comes with two options: 6 seats or 8 seats. If you’re thinking about purchasing the model with 8 seats, be aware that there is a significant difference in price. The 8-seater uses more of the same 600D polyester material, so you can be assured that it will be just as durable as the 6-seater.


  • Attached with a convenient cooler
  • Tough, durable seating material
  • Options for 6 or 8 seats


  •  Cooler can wear down after extensive usage

> Check out the Trademark Innovations Bench with Cooler on Amazon

Franklin Sports Team Bench

The great thing about this bench is that it’s one of the most affordable options you’ll find on the market. For a reasonable price, it’s a bench that is supportive, portable, and easy to use.

This is another one of those portable sports benches that doesn’t require any assembly. As soon as you take it out of the bag, all you have to do is pull the ends apart and it’s ready to go.

The material might be a bit basic, but that provides its lightweight portability and ease of use. The lack of weight doesn’t take away from its strength—each seat is able to manage up to 225 lbs.


  • Affordable relative to others
  • Easy to set up and takedown
  • Lightweight portability


  • The frame screws may come loose with higher weight

> Check out the Franklin Sports Team Bench on Amazon

Final Thoughts on the Best Portable Sports Bench

Choosing the best portable sports bench for your team doesn’t have to be difficult. You can simplify it by taking account of the number of players you have, and by determining what you think is going to be most comfortable for them. It’s also wise to consider your most frequent weather and field conditions so you can pick the bench that will hold up the best.

There’s a lot of great options on this list, so I understand it can be tough to choose the right one. The most important qualities I’d be looking for are durability and comfort. I want to feel confident knowing that no matter what players I have on my bench, I can depend on it to last long while providing a nice place to rest.

With that in mind, I’d have to go with Kwik Goal’s 6-Seat Bench. In my opinion, it offers the best combination of comfort and durability on this list. Also, it gets hot out here in California, so I tend to value benches that have spacious seats that never feel too cramped.

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