What are the Best Soccer Cleats for Kids? Here’s the Top 5

If your child is beginning soccer, an essential part of the game is first finding the best soccer cleats for kids - specifically, the best soccer cleats for your kid. 
best soccer cleats for kids

If your child is beginning soccer, an essential part of the game is first finding the best soccer cleats for kids – specifically, the best soccer cleats for your kid. 

As you begin to look at the vast options, you may wonder where to start. There are thousands of kids soccer cleats. It can be challenging to find the right pair. You’ve come to the right place: we’ve created a guide to help you understand what makes the best kids soccer cleats and a review of our favorites. 

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Things to Look for in Soccer Cleats for Kids

Comfort and Fit

One of the most important things in a soccer cleat is comfort. 

Everyone wants to be comfortable while playing. That said, it’s important to know that at times, soccer cleats may feel tighter than regular shoes. This can make it challenging, since you cannot always directly transfer your child’s shoe size to find their cleat size. 

Knowing how to measure your child’s foot is an important part of determining the right size for them – check out our Soccer Shoe Guide for clear instructions on how to measure your child’s feet for cleats.  

Each child’s foot is as unique as they are, and they may fit into different shoe brands, types and sizes – and unfortunately a size 7 in Adidas cleats does not always mean they’ll wear a size 7 in another brand. 


If your child loves to play soccer, finding a cleat that holds up well is important. 

Many soccer cleats for kids are built for the wear and tear of playing in the rain, snow, and mud, and can last up to two seasons if they are well-made and durable. This means that durability is an important factor when finding the best soccer cleat for kids. 

The material makes a big difference in terms of durability. Some cleats are made out of leather, whereas others are made out of a synthetic plastic. Leather cleats allow for more stretch and a better mold to the foot. The synthetic plastic can allow for more of a waterproof and tight feel.

Durable cleats will allow your child to break them in and wear them for multiple seasons, making it a crucial aspect of finding the right cleats for kids. 


Most children outgrow their cleats after a year or two, which is why finding an affordable shoe can be so important. It can be hard to find cleats that fit your child well for a long time.

Ideally there should be a bit of extra space for your kids’ feet to grow. Even if it means that the shoe won’t fit perfectly right away, the cleat will last them longer for a good price. You may want to consider buying thicker socks to help make the new, slightly too big cleats fit better.

Many of the best kids soccer cleats are very affordable. You can often get them at a good price, and they will be good quality as well.

Getting a soccer cleat that is perfect for your child doesn’t have to be expensive. Many of the cleats look cool, and are incredibly affordable!

So where to buy kids soccer cleats?

You can drive around town and check inventory at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Big 5, Foot Locker or whatever brick and mortar sports store is in your area. Or you can save your gas money and order a few options online – we’re partial to Amazon and its free prime shipping options – and work with your kid in the comfort of your own home. 

Have your kid put on their soccer socks and shin guards, and then have them try on the different brands, styles and sizes you ordered. After you’ve found the best kids soccer cleats – make just one trip out of the house to return the other pairs.

The search is worth it though: finding the best kids soccer cleat in terms of fit, size, and feel can increase their love for the game and may even enhance their abilities on the field. 

Reviews of the Best Soccer Cleats for Kids

Nike Kids Jr Bravata II FG Soccer Cleats

The Nike Jr Bravata II soccer cleats are great for beginning players. 

A synthetic and leather upper material provides a soft touch and comfort on and off the ball.  The cleat’s light texture allows for better ball control. 

And the asymmetrical lacing system not only looks cool, it’s another feature that provides for a more expanded area for ball control – which can be especially helpful for kids as they learn to play. 

The synthetic outsole is good for playing on grass and turf. And a cushion on the inside of the sole provides extra comfort while running and helps prevent blistering, even when breaking them in. I wish my cleats had that when I was younger!

As a fun bonus – the bright color options of yellow and pink make sure that you can spot your child anywhere on the soccer field.


  • Extra comfort
  • Padded inside
  • Studs provide traction
  • More surface area for ball control
  • Leather provides good mold of the foot
  • Light texture helps with ball control
  • Affordable


  • Only two color options
  • Larger sizes are more expensive
  • Can run small and tight

Check out the Nike Kids Jr. Bravato II FG Soccer Cleats on Amazon

Hawkwell Kids High-Top Outdoor Soccer Cleats

Turns out high-top shoes aren’t just for basketball – but they are rare in soccer, which makes these Hawkwell high-top soccer cleats incredibly unique.

More of a supportive ankle sleeve than a traditional high-top, the bonus material provides extra support while still allowing the foot to move freely. Inside, you’ll find a second layer of fabric, which helps secure the cleat to your kid’s foot. This extra layer provides extra padding – making this a comfortable choice for your child.  

Don’t worry – even with that additional layer, these kids soccer cleats are easy to put on and take off of your child without a struggle. 

There’s also a rubber outsole featuring extra traction in addition to the spikes. This promotes strong directional changes and a good touch while playing. 

The material is lightweight making it breathable – a true gift on hot afternoons!


  • Extra layer of material for comfort
  • Extra spikes for traction
  • Many color options
  • Breathability of material
  • Durability 
  • Comfortable and flexible fit
  • Style options
  • Rubber outsole is good for touch
  • Ankle sleeve/sock for support
  • Allows foot to move freely 
  • Secure fit and feel
  • Affordable


  • More secure fit may make them tight
  • Some kids may not like the ankle sleeve

Check out the Hawkwell Kids High-Top Outdoor Soccer Cleats on Amazon

Dream Pairs Soccer Cleats

If color matters to your budding soccer star – you’ll definitely be impressed by the wide variety of colors and styles available. The Dream Pairs soccer cleats have a fun pattern of colors and diamonds and come in several exciting color options. 

The outsole and studs provide extra stability and grip for enhanced performance on and off the ball. They are light and have a synthetic upper with texture to help with ball control. 

A traditional lace-up closure system allows for the shoe to be adjusted for each individual player. 

Inside, you’ll find a padded collar for extra comfort and support when taking them off and putting them on. 

These unisex cleats are a great option to consider for any child starting soccer.  They are very affordable and provide parents and kids with a good option for grass and turf cleats.


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable padded inside
  • Over ten color options
  • Fun pattern
  • Synthetic material for touch
  • Studs provide stability and grip
  • Great for wet grass and mud
  • Lace up closure for adjusted feel


  • Runs big
  • Not very durable
  • Not a lot of arch support

Check out Dream Pairs soccer cleats on Amazon

Vizari Stealth Soccer Cleat

Vizari Stealth soccer cleat is an affordable contestant in the conversation of the best soccer cleat for kids.

They are built to be comfortable.  Padding around the entire inside of the cleats ensures comfort while playing. 

An anti-stretch lining helps to prevent the material from stretching and better molds your child’s foot. 

Rubber soles enhance performance when running and changing direction and speed. If your child plays on wet grass, mud or turf, you’ll be comforted by the excellent traction these cleats provide on a variety of surfaces. 

A light pattern on the outside provides stability and enhanced touch on the ball. 

Overall, these are great cleats for kids who play on a variety of surfaces and who are looking for something comfortable!


  • Comfortable
  • Padding 
  • Affordable
  • Over five color options
  • Fun pattern
  • Enhanced outsole for touch
  • Thick studs provide traction
  • Good for many surfaces


  • Run a bit small
  • Challenging to break in
  • Very narrow fit
  • Laces are short

Check out the Vizari Stealth soccer cleats on Amazon

Adidas Goletto VII FG J Soccer Cleats

These Adidas cleats are a serious contender for the best soccer cleats for kids. 

Made of both synthetic and mesh materials, the blend of the materials fits each individual well, especially when coupled with the traditional lace-up style. The combination of the materials also makes for a lighter shoe, keeping your kiddo light on their feet and extending their endurance – which is great for anyone, but especially up-and-coming soccer players.

Even with thick soccer socks, these cleats are comfortable. A padded collar provides extra support and comfort when playing.

The cleat comes in two color options: black with blue and black with pink. 

Overall, this is a great kids soccer cleat for those looking for durability and affordability from an established and beloved manufacturer.


  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Great for multiple surfaces
  • Padding provides stability and support
  • Soft leather blend material
  • Stay on the foot well


  • Only two color options
  • Run narrow/small
  • Long laces

Check out the Adidas Goletto VII FG Soccer Cleats on Amazon

Final Thoughts on the Best Soccer Cleats for Kids

It is hard to pick the best kids soccer cleats when there are so many good ones! 

However, when looking at comfort, fit, durability, and affordability, we believe the Vizari Stealth soccer cleats are the best soccer cleats for kids

The Vizari cleats provide extensive comfort, support, and are durable – and the wide assortment of colors will likely please even the pickiest kid. They are also easy to keep clean, while still meeting your soccer player’s needs on the pitch.

Helpful Hint: If you’re new to the game, you may also want to check out our comprehensive checklist of what to pack in your kid’s soccer bag.

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