Best Soccer Cleats for Midfielders

Don't miss our picks for the best soccer cleats for midfielders.

Why do midfielders need special soccer cleats? 

Midfielders are the heartbeat of the team; they keep the pace going and control the flow of the game. There are two basic types of midfielders: 

  1. Center midfielders, also known as center mids are commonly known as the “playmakers” of the team because it is their job to dominate the center of the field and keep possession of the ball. They have to be able to receive the ball and play quickly, with good touches and clean passes. Often, center mids are the link between defense and offense, so these players must be crafty and have the vision to create opportunities. 
  2. Outside mids are the horsepower of the team, and must be confident to take people on all day long. So, it is crucial that these players are skilled with the ball at their feet. 

The bottom line here is, whether you are an outside midfielder or a central midfielder, you are going to be doing a lot of running! As a center midfielder myself, I know how demanding the midfield can be. It is extremely important to have a good pair of cleats that not only complements your style of play, but can last you all 90 minutes of the game comfortably. Don’t miss our picks for the best soccer cleats for midfielders below.

What are the best soccer cleats for midfielders?

The All-Time Favorite: Adidas Copa Mundial

This shoe is the number one consideration because the top upper is made of leather, perfect for central midfielders. And, this cleat has proven time and time again that it is built to last. 

The inside of the shoe features synthetic lining which provides maximum comfort as well as a one of a kind die-cut EVA insole that allows more movement with a lighter feel. The outsole, with its durable studs, is strong and made to handle just about any playing field. Although it does not portray the flashiest of colors, its black and white color scheme goes well with any uniform. The Copas are legendary cleats that must be considered for all midfielders.

Best Cleats if You Want a Natural Fit: Adidas Predator 18.2 FG Soccer Shoe

These cleats are available in either a white and red color scheme or a black and orange color scheme, so both stand out from anywhere on the field. The Predator 18.2 cleat comes with an interesting feature: a Structured Primemesh upper. This specific design is meant to create a sock-like fit, feeling more like a part of your foot rather than heavy, added gear. Molded heels paired with synthetic soles offer a snug fit so your foot is sure to stay in place at high speeds. Another feature, the Controlskin upper, is designed to help you control the ball on any playing fields. Getting many 5 star reviews, this shoe has proven to be a great fit for midfielders, especially central midfielders.

Best Cleats to Enhance Your Stability: Nike Tiempo

Another soccer cleat that should be mentioned is the Nike Tiempo soccer boot. With tips of gold complementing a bold black and white color scheme, Nike Tiempos show off a classy look, making this boot one of Nike’s classics. Made with fine leather, this shoe is known for molding to your foot, creating a one-of-a-kind custom fit. To help with those sudden cuts and turns, this cleat is made with a hyperstability soleplate that provides an ultralight feel as well as a sturdy grip on any playing surface. This soccer boot is perfect for any midfielder, from beginners to pros.

Best Cleats for Extra Support and Cushion: Puma One Leather FG

Since this flashy orange and silver cleat is made of leather, it is one of the best cleats for any midfielder ready to win those 50/50 battles. The knitted sock allows for a snug fit around the ankle, making the foot feel supported and cushioned. The TPU outsole feature matched with the strategic stud configuration helps any player with grip on grass or turf. Soft calf leather helps to provide good ball control, meaning this material will keep the ball glued to your foot all game long. The Puma One cleats were built to endure rigorous practices and games.

Best Cleats for Fast Feet: Nike Mercurial Vapor 12 Elite FG

This specific cleat is great for attacking midfielders or wingers. Just as the name suggests, these cleats will complement crafty, speedy players. 

Made with a light-weight, ultra thin upper, this synthetic material is perfect for players that make runs and need a good touch on the ball. The special thing about this cleat is the 360 flyknit that wraps around your entire foot, making it feel like you don’t have cleats on at all.

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