4 of the Best Soccer Cleats for Strikers

With all the pressure to win the game on their shoulders, what should be on forwards' feet? Read on to discover what makes the best soccer cleats for strikers.
best soccer cleats for strikers

Although defenders and midfielders are extremely important to the game, everyone knows that you can’t win a soccer game unless you score more goals than the other team. And more often than not it is the forwards, also known as strikers, of the team who are the biggest goal scorers. 

So with all the pressure to win the game on their shoulders, what should be on their feet? 

Read on to understand what you should look for when looking for the best soccer cleats for strikers, as well as our reviews of the best.

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What Makes the Best Soccer Cleats for Strikers?

Forwards are making runs at top speed and winning balls in the air. They are taking on the opponent, one on one. And they’re making plays to find the back of the net.

So what’s the best soccer cleat for strikers, who do all this and more?

Forwards value their speed, and don’t want to be weighed down at the point they most need to accelerate on the pitch or change direction. So finding lightweight boots should be a high priority. 

A secondary consideration is aerodynamics. Again, in the pursuit of running faster and pivoting quicker, you’ll want to look for a boot that has a slim profile. 

Appropriate cushioning is important, as well – as you’ll want to make sure your feet are supported during hours of short sprint practices and long games. 

Last – but certainly not least – regardless of what position you play, you need to make sure that your boots are appropriate for the kind of field you play on and fit your feet comfortably. 

In summary: the best soccer cleats for strikers are lightweight, low profile and cushioned boots that fit their feet comfortably. 

Below, we have exactly what you are looking for in your search of the best soccer cleats for strikers.

Best Soccer Cleats for Strikers

Adidas Men’s Nemeziz Messi 19.4 FxG 


When a soccer cleat is named after one of the best strikers in all of football history and known for scoring truly fantastic goals, you know it’s got to be a quality boot. It’s one of the most popular soccer cleats out there.

There are no promises that you will play like Lionel Messi himself with these boots, but they are definitely designed with a striker’s needs in mind.  

Coming in a variety of vibrant colors, this cleat is sure to set you apart from your teammates. The soft agility mesh upper aids in maximum ball control and creates an explosive first touch. 

Another interesting feature is the dual lock collar which provides a secure lockdown for your ankle stability. 

The messiGAMBETRAX outsole creates a unique lightweight feel to help forwards with speed and agility on the toughest terrains. 

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Nike Hypervenom Phantom

Made of great quality and eye-catching colors, the Nike Hypervenom Phantom is sure to give you confidence on the field. 

A great forward should be good at striking and cutting, and this cleat keeps both of those traits in mind. 

The lightweight nylon base creates a shoe that adds no extra weight when striking. 

Also, this cleats stud configuration was specifically designed with hexagonal studs placed around the toe and instep, which allows for better push-off during cuts. 

This cleat also gives off a sock-like feel which will help your feet stay snug while they perform fancy moves and hard shots. 

Additionally, the laces are even offset to create a larger striking zone for taking shots. 

It’s important to note that there are many versions of the Nike Hypervenom Phantom that have been created over the years; if budget is a concern for you, try to find last year’s model for a better price.

Check out the Nike Hypervenom Phantom soccer cleats on Amazon.

Adidas X 

This bold white and red cleat was designed specifically for strikers. 

As you can see there are no laces on these cleats. This was done on purpose as it allows for a complete strike zone. 

Newly improved tech-fit technology allows for a snug/tight fit, adding to comfort and confidence. 

Made with a cushioned insole and complex stud configuration, this cleat was meant to last all season long on any playing field. 

Just like the Nike Hypervenom Phantom, there are many different types of the Adidas X soccer cleats.

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Nike Mercurial Superfly Elite FG Soccer Cleats

The Mercurial Superfly cleats have been around for awhile — and yet, they are still proving time and time again that they are worthy of buying. 

In this latest edition of these Nike soccer cleats, the Superfly comes in a midnight dark black color with tints of orange and magenta; subtle, yet powerful. 

Features like Nike’s speed plate, which molds to your foot, and the ultralight synthetic upper are qualities designed for strikers. 

Ankle supports matched with the sock-like ankle band aids in extra protection against tackles and quick cuts. 

The stud configuration on the outsole can handle turf or grass with ease, adding to confidence when anchoring your foot and taking a shot. All in all, this is a solid consideration for the best soccer cleats for strikers.

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So there you have it! An in-depth review of some of the most popular soccer cleats for strikers.


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