The Best Soccer Cleats for Toddlers – Yes, They Do Exist

Struggling to find the best soccer cleats for toddlers? True toddlers - who wear a size 6 or 8? Read on.
best soccer cleats for toddlers

If you’re the soccer parent who’s counting down the days until your little Messi-to-be is old enough to join the local mighty mite soccer team, chances are you’re struggling to find the best soccer cleats for toddlers – true toddlers.

So many brands say they’re made for toddlers, but then when you research a little more, you realize the sizing starts at 10T. 

What about 3 and 4 year old soccer players? What about when you’re looking for soccer cleats for toddlers size 9?

The truth is – most kids don’t need traditional soccer cleats until they’re a bit older.

Preschoolers can still develop skills and love for the game just by kicking the ball around – although you may want to invest in some shin guards and a backyard goal set-up.

But there is something about buying a pair of soccer cleats that makes it all more official – and perhaps, more fun. 

When the time comes – here are the best soccer cleats for toddlers. 

Reviews of the Best Soccer Cleats for Toddlers

In a hurry? Here’s a rundown of our picks:

Best for Young Toddlers: Carters Sports Sneaker

These are soccer cleats for toddlers size 6 and up



Carters, most known for their bright and colorful baby clothes, has ventured into the soccer arena with these soccer cleats for toddlers.

With a lightweight rubber sole and a mesh insole, these toddler soccer cleats are designed to be durable. A gripper outsole and a snug fit help with ball control – especially important on a wet field or for a slightly unstable toddler.

Your kid will love that they can easily put on their cleats all by themselves, thanks to the velcro fastening closure. That makes these soccer cleats for toddlers a perfect option for your independent, “me-do-it” kid!

As a parent, you’ll love that these are easy to clean – simply wipe them with a warm cloth and a mild dish soap. 


  • Velcro closure
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Sizing starts at 6T


  • Only two color options

Check out the Carters Sports Sneaker on Amazon

Best Soccer Cleat for Toddlers Needing Extra Stability: Diadora Cattura 

These are soccer cleats for toddlers size 8 and up


From a known soccer powerhouse, the Diadora Cattura soccer cleats for toddlers are a great option to consider. And since the sizing goes up to 6.5, you may find these are a good pick for your older kids, too.

To help improve stability – especially important for budding soccer players – these cleats feature 14 hard rubber cleat molds to evenly distribute your child’s weight while still providing extra traction. The studs are also slightly wider apart in the heel – again to provide extra support.

The insole is made of cotton and shock-absorbing foam, which makes these a comfortable cleat for your toddler.


  • Specially designed to help with stability – great for young players
  • Comfortable
  • Durable


  • Laces will require a grown-up’s help 

Check out the Diadora Cattura Soccer Cleats on Amazon

Best for a Starter Soccer Cleat for Toddlers: Vizari Infinity FG Cleats

These are soccer cleats for toddlers size 8 and up

The synthetic materials used to make this toddler soccer cleat make the shoes durable and water-resistant. 

The upper part of this cleat has a slightly textured synthetic surface, which helps your kiddo better control the ball – a great advantage for soccer players of all ages and levels.

A flexible rubber outsole complements hard rubber studs – which is great for providing more traction on both outdoor grass fields and artificial turf.

The extra padding on the collar and footbed help ensure that these soccer cleats will keep your soccer star comfortable while on the field. 


  • The affordability of this cleat makes this a top contender as the best soccer cleat for toddlers due to a toddler’s ever-growing feet
  • Hard rubber studs are great for playing on grass fields


  • Synthetic material doesn’t stretch easily, meaning they could be struggle to get on
  • Sizing varies – this is likely a style you’ll need to order a few sizes of to understand which is the best soccer cleat for your toddler
  • Traditional laces will require a grown-up’s help

Check out the Vizari Infinity FG Soccer Cleats on Amazon

Best for Playing on Artificial Turf or Indoors: Adidas Junior Samba

These are soccer cleats for toddlers size 8 and up


While this looks like more of a traditional sneaker than a studded cleat, the classic three stripes make you know it’s from an established soccer brand. 

These Adidas cleats are made from full-grain leather, which is great for durability, and more easily molds to your player’s feet. That’s great because they’ll be more comfortable with each wear.

Also worth noting: the larger footprint of this style of boot makes this a great option for soccer cleats for toddlers with wide feet. 

That legendary Adidas quality and the lack of studs – which means your kiddo can wear these boots on and off the pitch – help make up for the not-as-affordable price tag.


  • Lack of studs make for an easy transition post-practice or game – or even wearing them on a day-to-day basis
  • Leather 


  • Lack of studs mean less traction on slippery surfaces
  • Traditional laces will undoubtedly require a grown-up’s help
  • Not as affordable as other options, although they can be worn on and off the field

Check out the Adidas Junior Samba soccer cleat on Amazon

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