4 of the Best Soccer Goals for Backyards

Are you tired of going to the local park just to practice soccer? If you have one of the best soccer goals for backyards on the market, you can easily set up whenever - and wherever - the inspiration to practice strikes.
Best Soccer Goals for Backyard

Are you tired of going to the local park just to practice soccer? If you have one of the best soccer goals for backyards on the market, you can easily set up whenever – and wherever – the inspiration to practice strikes.

There are benefits of buying your own backyard soccer goal, as well as important features to look for and factors to consider. 

Read on to help you decide what model is best for you. 

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What are the benefits of buying your own backyard soccer goal?

While there are many reasons you can benefit from owning your own backyard soccer nets, I’ve narrowed it down to three key reasons.

  1. Shape understanding of the game from a young age.

    While toddling soccer players don’t even need real soccer cleats to start playing, they would benefit from having a real soccer goal. A pop-up, portable solution helps even the youngest players understand the concept of the game.

  2. Train with any coach, any player, any time.

    Is your kid’s uncle a talented former soccer player? Turn that afternoon BBQ into a mini-training session and let your little one learn new skills first-hand from their uncle during a family scrimmage. Or gather up all the neighborhood kids and let them play an impromptu game – no need to find same-size cardboard boxes to make the goal size equal. Or if you’re a soccer coach, add some shots-on-goal to your next practice, wherever it may be.

  3. Improve your player’s confidence.

    If your soccer star is frustrated after practice or a game, setting up backyard soccer nets let them practice on their own, correcting any mistakes made during training. Without other players or coaches, your soccer star can practice free kicks and advanced target shooting to their heart’s desire – and feel more confident next time they take the field.

How to choose the best backyard soccer goal?

There are many great options for backyard soccer goals, and selecting the best backyard soccer goal for you depends on many factors.

How much space do you have?

The first factor in finding the best portable soccer goal for you is thinking about the size of your backyard – or wherever you plan on setting up the net.

If you have a small backyard, then a small, movable, and portable soccer goal for backyards is an excellent choice, as it won’t take up much space. However, if you have a spacious yard, you can go as big as you wish – possibly even installing a permanent soccer goal post!

Most of us don’t have the space or desire to install a permanent structure – so keep reading to determine what else you should consider for a more portable soccer solution.

What goal size is best for backyards?

Taking space out of the equation, a general rule of thumb is the smaller the athlete, the smaller goal.

For younger athletes who are just getting into the game of soccer, a smaller-sized soccer goal may be less intimidating for them – especially for keepers in training!

For teens and adults who want to extend their practice time and increase their comfort on the pitch by recreating true-life scenarios, a larger-sized soccer goal would be a better bet.

Will you be taking your backyard soccer goals on the road?

Some backyard goal set-ups are designed to be fairly or completely permanent. This is a good option if you’re always going to practice in the same spot – like a dedicated part of your yard.

If you’re more interested in throwing the soccer goal set-up in your car for an afternoon picnic, game on the beach, or for a trip to grandma’s house – then you’ll want to look for a collapsible option, possibly even with a provided bag to easily carry it.

What safety features does the backyard soccer goal provide?

While backyard, pop-up soccer goals can undoubtedly improve a player’s game, some precautions must be taken by parents and soccer players before using a soccer goal.

It is always safe to have a backyard soccer goal a safe distance from the house. This helps prevent accidental broken windows or damages to other household items.

Make sure that the soccer goal is made with a durable and strong frame. Before each playing session – especially on windy days – ensure the stakes are properly affixed to the ground to prevent the soccer goal from falling on players or blowing over.

Best Soccer Goals for Backyards

Best Backyard Soccer Goal for Practicing On-the-Go
Franklin Sports Portable Soccer Goal

Constructed from a combination of lightweight fiberglass and durable steel, these goals offer durability through the seasons. The goals easily collapse, which makes them a great choice for pop-up games.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

If you are looking for the most portable soccer goal for backyards, the Franklin Sports Blackhawk is your best choice. 

One thing I love most about this product is its portability, as it can be easily folded. This makes it relatively easy to set up in any place and quickly take down after use.

You should also know that this product is made from fiberglass and steel, which allows it to withstand different weather conditions – making it a very durable backyard soccer goal. 

The 4’ x 3’ dimension of this backyard soccer goal makes it suitable for children of all ages. This is great because you do not need to bother about buying another backyard soccer goal for your other kids or when they age up.


  • Durability
  • Simple to assemble
  • Children of all ages can use thanks to its medium-sized net (4’ wide x 3’ tall)


  • Short, 90-day warranty
  • Its smaller size means it’s not great for set-piece training


Best Backyard Soccer Goal for Advanced Shooting Practice
PodiuMax 2-in-1 Pop Up Kids Soccer Goal

With this unique 2-in-1 design, you can practice with a normal, open net and then switch to its side to perfect 6 target areas for shooting accuracy.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The PodiuMax 2-in-1 Soccer Goal for the backyard is my favorite choice for practicing advanced shots on goal. 

This collapsible backyard soccer goal is two-sided. Depending on how you set up this goal, you can decide between a standard or advanced practice. 

One opening is a traditional open net. If you place the open net on the ground, the side facing the player has six target areas. This is a great feature as it allows you to practice normally, as well as quickly transform into an advanced training tool for shooting corners and more targeted shots. 

The product is available in black and yellow, and comes with a bag for easy transportation. 

In addition to being portable, it is also durable. The manufacturers designed this product using a premium material which has helped improve its durability. However, it’s worth noting that this is not the best product for staking into hard ground, as the stakes may bend when forced into a firm surface.


  • It can be easily transported
  • Children of all ages can use thanks to its medium-sized net (4’ wide x 2.5’ tall)
  • Perfect for young goalkeepers
  • Easy to switch between standard and more advanced training


  • A hard ground might affect the stakes
  • Small size

Best Backyard Soccer Goal for Kids and Small Spaces
Franklin Sports Kids Mini Soccer Goal Set

This all-in-one mini goal set measures 36"x24" and comes with a mini soccer ball and inflation pump, so you can play right away.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

If you are searching for an adequate soccer goal for kids between the ages of 1 to 6, this is a great option to consider.  

This mini soccer goal comes in at a small 3’ wide by 2’ tall. Its tiny size is perfect for those who have a small space at home, as well as young players who are new to the game and need a smaller net size.

It comes in black and green colors and has sturdy stakes. It is foldable, which makes it easy to be transported. And due to its small size, it’s really easy to set up and remove after use. 

However, this soccer goal cannot take power shots from soccer players. It is lightweight, as it was only made for kids between the ages of 1 to 6. So while it’s a great option for little kids, if your child sticks with soccer, you’ll likely need to upgrade in a few years.


  • Easy to set up
  • Great option for those with small spaces
  • Small net size is great for young athletes – 3’ wide x 2’ tall
  • Comes with a mini soccer ball and an inflation pump, so your mini athlete can start playing right away


  • Lightweight construction limits use to smaller, less powerful players

Best Backyard Soccer Goal to Start a Game ASAP
PUGG 6 Foot Portable Soccer & Football Goal Boxed Set

From the original pop-up goal company, this option is portable, strong, lightweight, and durable. It comes with a two nets and a carrying bag for ultimate convenience.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

If you’re someone who believes that the first is often the best, then you’ll want to consider the PUGG Pop-Up Soccer Goal. It was the first pop-up goal ever manufactured. 

The portable nature of this pop-up soccer goal makes it very easy for you to set it up at home and on the pitch. All you need to make use of stakes provided to hold the soccer goal down. This will prevent it from falling while using for shooting practice.

This product comes with 2 goals, pegs, a spare parts kit, and a carrying bag – so you really are ready for a quick scrimmage as soon as you open the box.

Despite the originality of the PUGG Pop-Up Soccer goal, the product can only be used for light training. The net – while durable and a good option for more novice players – is not designed for powerful shooting practice from more advanced, powerful players.


  • Easy to set up
  • Originality
  • Two goals are included in this set
  • Offers a lightweight and large net – (6’ wide x 3.5’ tall)


  • Not a good option for advanced shooting practice 

Final Thoughts on the Best Soccer Goal for Backyards

Your choice of the best backyard soccer goal depends on factors relating to your environment, your budget, and the player. 

Revisiting our criteria at the beginning – so much of this decision depends on your personal preference and lifestyle.  

Still, if pressed – I would say the  Franklin Sports Blackhawk Portable Soccer Goal is the best soccer goal for backyards.

This is because it is designed to suit soccer players of all ages. It can be easily carried around, and it has been well structured, which helps maintain its durability. I love the fact that I can easily set it up on the pitch within a few seconds.

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