A Player’s Guide to the Best Soccer Socks of 2024

Choosing the best soccer socks can prevent many common problems for soccer players. But what makes the best soccer socks?
best soccer socks

It’s a little-known fact that picking the best soccer socks to use from the very beginning of your practice can prevent many common problems for soccer players. 


Well, at their core function, you probably know that the soccer socks help keep your shin guards on and sweaty feet out of your favorite cleats. 

But did you also know the best soccer socks also prevent blisters, avoid fungal growth, protect against abrasions, provide better ankle support and increase blood flow to the feet?

That’s a lot of benefits for something that some players consider an after-thought when assembling their kits!

In this guide, we’ll help you select the best soccer socks for you. 

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Why does having the best soccer socks matter?

Every player knows that to be comfortable and effective, your gear must work together.

It’s all well in good to have certain socks work best for Christian Pulisic, but if the toe seam just rubs you the wrong way, those socks are going to be the bane of your existence. And that’s why it’s not just about picking the best soccer socks but picking the best soccer socks for you.

There are different types of socks out there. A whole lot; and most of them claim to be the best socks for soccer. This is because new products are constantly being developed to fix possible problems athletes may have that stop them from playing at their best.

So, a general rule of thumb is that if your current soccer socks slide off, feel a little thin around the sole, or are loose, they are undoubtedly not the best soccer socks for you.  

The best soccer socks are supposed to ensure specific grip, prevent blisters, add ankle support, and generally take care of those little distractions that may pop up when or after playing. And if yours aren’t doing these, it’s probably time to consider replacing them for something more your style.

No hard feelings.

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How to Choose the Best Soccer Socks for You

Below, we outline 5 features to look for in your quest to find the best socks for soccer.

Thickness and Durability

Normally, sock thickness is a personal preference. And while this is still true for soccer,   we recommend going with a thicker pair of socks. The thicker material often lends itself to higher durability – crucial to surviving the rigors you’re going to put them through on the field. 

Different fabrics may, of course, be more naturally suited to this than others, so it’s key to have a working grasp of the basics. 

For example, cotton is the most common material used for making socks; but that’s for normal, everyday socks. Many players will agree that 100% cotton is too lightweight to be used in sports. 

When picking the best socks for soccer, you’ll want to look for socks made of polyester, nylon, spandex, or a blend of cotton with these higher-durability fabrics. 


Why does sock texture matter?

Because soccer socks are generally going to be worn over the skin, and as such it’s also best to consider how their smoothness or coarseness might feel on sensitive skin, which could easily be irritated by coarse socks. 

If you do have such sensitive skin then you should probably be searching for softer, yet durable, socks to help prevent blisters, as those may be inevitable.

In contrast, you might want your socks to be coarse if the sole of your feet is quite smooth and you have need of the extra grip such a pair of socks would provide. 

Remember, it’s all about finding the right fit for you.


The inherent grip of the socks is also probably one of the most important features of the best soccer socks.

If you’ve ever played using grip socks, then you’re probably nodding with me here.  

If you’re not familiar with grip socks – you may be wondering: what are soccer grip socks? Soccer grip socks are specially designed soccer socks that provide extra grip between your foot and the sole of your boot. 

Many players prefer grip socks, as they help prevent foot slippage and increases agility. Grip socks increase comfort, minimize the possibility of getting blisters, and provide extra traction.


Not to be confused with grip socks, which provide assistance on the exterior of your foot, compression socks provide enhanced support from the inside out. 

Compression socks offer leg support and encourage blood flow to the lower extremities, and are designed to apply pressure to your lower legs. This can help reduce discomfort and swelling.


Of all the qualities to look for in the best pair of soccer socks, this is perhaps the most personal. 

You need to find a pair of socks that won’t roll down your calves during a sudden burst of speed. 

Likewise, you’ll need socks that aren’t too tight that they restrict movement. 

This is a Goldielocks decision, for sure. Not too big, not too small – you need your soccer socks to fit just right. 

One suggestion is to try on a few potential candidates, shortlist the worthy ones, move around in them, stretch, put on both your cleats and your shin guards and go for a jog. 

Basically, the goal here is to go through the routine you plan on putting your socks through before you purchase a 6-pack. 

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Reviews of the Best Soccer Socks

Best for Beginning Soccer Players: Adidas Rivalry Soccer Socks

Coming in an extensive range of sizes, the Adidas Rivalry Soccer Socks have a lot of cool features which make them worthy of your consideration in your search for the best soccer socks. 

These socks are made from moisture-wicking yarn, which keeps your feet perpetually dry from sweat.  

And targeted arch and ankle compression provide added stability and comfort. 

A double welt structure – meaning a double stitch around the cuff or top part of the sock – helps to make a better and more secure fit around your calf. 


  • Moisture-wicking yarn removes slippery sweat as an issue when worn
  • A cushioned foot provides enhanced protection from impacts
  • Added stability from arch and ankle compression
  • Fabric makes it really easy to wash
  • Stays in place when worn


  • Sizing may prove tricky to determine the best size for you

Check out the Adidas Rivalry Soccer Socks on Amazon

Best Lightweight Soccer Socks: Adidas Metro Soccer Socks

These all-around socks are great for all players, whether they are just beginning in the sport or elite.

Their mixed fabric – a combination of nylon, polyester, rubber, and spandex – might make them among the best soccer socks to prevent blisters, too. The fabric also helps maintain extra durability to easily withstand wear and tear, and still be just tight enough to provide a comfortable fit.

The calf-length design of the socks is also ideal when using shin guards as they are easily held firmly in place during play. 


  • Lightweight yarn provides close touch and feel
  • Moisture-wicking yarn keeps feet dry from sweat
  • Provides arch and ankle compression 
  • Comes in a wide array of fun colors to match many soccer kits


  • Footbed may not provide adequate cushioning and wears out over time
  • Sometimes found to be too tight around the calf
  • Sizing may be tricky to get the best fitting pair for you 

Check out the Adidas Metro Soccer Socks on Amazon.

Best Soccer Socks for Sweaty Feet: Nike Academy Over-the-Calf Soccer Socks

Made from 97% nylon, the Nike Academy Over-the-Calf socks are among the best socks for soccer in terms of quality and durability. The nylon allows for adequate ventilation and stretching. 

In addition, the amazing DRI-FIT feature pulls perspiration from the skin to keep the feet cool. 

The bed of the foot is nicely cushioned and the socks provide compression for both ankles and arches.

And Nike’s designed these socks to be anatomically correct – meaning that the left sock is designed for the left foot’s shape and naturally supports the contours. This makes for an enhanced fit and feel. However, it can be a pain when you’re doing laundry and trying to match up each pair of socks properly.


  • Supportive fit
  • Durable
  • Excellent compression 
  • Over-the-calf length prevents abrasions and blisters
  • Anatomically correct design helps to create a natural, comfortable fit


  • Sizing can be inaccurate; you may need to buy a few pairs to see which size fits best 

Check out the Nike Academy Over-the-Calf Soccer Socks on Amazon.

Best Soccer Socks to Match Your Uniform: Champro Multi-Sport Socks

These solid-colored tube-style socks are made of 100% polyester and provide a helpful, comfortable compression-like fit.

The over-the-calf cut provides protection against abrasions and blisters while playing.

Because these socks are designed to work for many sports, they can be a little snug when paired with bulky shin guards. They may work best for players with skinnier legs and thinner, slip-in-style shin guards.


  • Affordable and durable
  • Compression feature provides better stability
  • Wide variety of colors, making it a great choice for completing soccer kits


  • May fit tight around the calves, and could make it somewhat see-through when worn

Check out the Champro Multi-Sport Socks on Amazon.

Best Grip Soccer Socks: Lux Anti-Slip Soccer Socks

With grips on both the inside and outside of the socks, these anti-slip, grip soccer socks are among the top contenders for the best soccer socks to prevent blisters.

Because the grips help minimize your foot’s movement within your cleat, it reduces friction all along the foot and staves off any blisters. 

In addition, these socks are great because they provide a cushioned and highly durable sole, and while they’re made for use both on and off the soccer field, they do work with most shin guards.


  • Grips inside and outside make these socks the most immovable – a great accomplishment toward blister-free feet
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Limited sizing – currently only one size for players who wear 6-11 in men’s shoes
  • Limited color choices

Check out the Lux Anti-Slip Soccer Socks on Amazon

Best Compression Soccer Socks: CWVLC Soccer Compression Socks

While this sock is a good all-around sports sock, many of its features make it a top contender for the best soccer socks. 

With targeted cushioning, as well as arch and ankle support, these socks fit well with both cleats and shin guards, and provide great comfort and stability.

In addition, the fabric helps to wick away perspiration to keep your feet comfortably dry.

These socks are also quite stretchy, which is great as they allow a free range of movement and provide some breathing room around the ankle.


  • Ideal for a wide range of sports
  • Fabric has skin-friendly, anti-odor, and shock absorbing features
  • Natural anti-slip treatment
  • Suitable for high-intensity exercise for longer durations
  • Compression socks which provide extra stability


  • Higher than average pricing

Check out the CWVLC Soccer Compression Socks on Amazon.

Final Thoughts on the Best Soccer Socks

While all of these socks have their own pros and cons, I believe that the CWVLC Soccer Compression Socks take home the gold. The versatility of the CWVLC Soccer Compression Socks makes them the best soccer socks on the list. 

I really appreciate these socks for their natural anti-slip treatment, anti-odor feature, and suitability for high-intensity exercise. 

In addition to being an all-around great compression sock, these socks have an inherent grip and an enhanced fit, which is a must-have for any socks to be considered the best.

The CWVLC Soccer Compression Socks also have high flexibility, allowing for a free range of movement and durability to keep up with the inevitable rigors of sports while still possessing fabric that probably makes it the best sock for preventing blisters. The skin-friendly material of the fabric—neither too smooth nor too coarse—also puts it ahead of the competition.

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