A Parent’s Guide to the 7 Best Kids Indoor Soccer Shoes

If your budding soccer star is playing indoor soccer, you'll want to check out our reviews of the best kids indoor soccer shoes on the market.
Best Kids Indoor Soccer Shoes

So your little one is ready to start playing indoor soccer. You’ve got the shin guards, soccer socks, and of course, the right-sized soccer ball. But now, you need to figure out the right footwear. All you want are the best kids indoor soccer shoes—but what you get is a barrage of colors and different styles.

Some of the cleats have studs, some don’t. Some soccer boots have laces, some don’t. Where do you start?!

Well, here actually. However you stumbled upon this page, you have come to the right place. 

This article will walk you through what you need to look for in the best indoor soccer shoes for kids, then finish with a few recommendations to get you started.  

If you already know the basics for finding the best kids indoor soccer shoes, jump straight to our reviews:

First things first: What is the difference between indoor and outdoor soccer shoes?

Indoor and outdoor soccer requires different skillsets. For outside games, pace and strength are more important in the open spaces. For indoor soccer, close control and technique come more to the forefront. 

With the different style of play comes different demands on your child’s footwear too. 

The obvious difference you will have noticed yourself is the stud configuration underneath the sole of the outdoor boots- this provides much-needed grip in wetter conditions. They often come with more ankle support too.

Indoor shoes don’t need this support as much and while their outsoles are designed to grip the surface, they don’t need the studding of the outdoor shoes.

Another distinction is that your kids can wear their indoor shoes as everyday shoes too. Although they are designed for the rough and tumble of the indoor pitches, their stylish designs often have them worn out and about too—they have that added versatility, which helps make your dollar go further.

Parent Tip: Head over to our article on the best soccer shoes for kids if your soccer star is going to be playing on real grass fields.

How much do good kids’ indoor soccer shoes cost?

You can get a good pair of kids indoor soccer shoes for about $40-60. So, luckily, they won’t break the bank. 

In fact, this is one kids’ piece of apparel I recommend you don’t go overboard on. As you know, sometimes it feels like kids are sprouting overnight, and while it is prudent to factor this in while buying normal sneakers (ie. a size too big so they will grow into them), that’s not the tactic to use when looking for the best indoor soccer shoes for kids. 

The contact and feel a properly-sized boot has when it connects with the ball is crucial in your child’s ability to play well. In fact, soccer shoes that are the wrong size can cause injuries, especially some nasty blistering where they rub against the skin.

That is why it is best to look for decent quality without going overboard on the price if your kiddo is still growing at a fast pace. (No matter how much they try bending your ears to convince you they need the latest and greatest boot!) 


Do I still get indoor soccer shoes in my kid’s usual size?

As I said, the correct sizing is even more important here than with their regular footwear.

Here is a super-useful video showing you how to properly size your child’s feet for the pitch.

You can also check out our Soccer Cleats 101 guide for even more information on the ins and outs of soccer cleats.

What should I look for in kids indoor soccer shoes?

You need your kid’s indoor shoes to provide not just comfort, but also the grip and stability to help them enjoy the game and play to the best of their ability. 

Indoor soccer can include astroturf but is more often a harder surface than outdoor. As such, we pay the closest attention to three aspects in choosing the best indoor soccer shoe for kids. Those three aspects are the shoe’s outsoles, the materials used, and the shoe’s construction.


The outsole is the part of the shoe that grips the ground, and so it determines how good the shoe’s grip is. You should consider what surface they’ll be used on most often as some outsoles suit some surfaces more than others.

Playing on a hardwood surface, like a futsal court? Then the gum rubber’s outsole, with all the lightweight flexibility its natural rubber brings, is your best bet. They’re nice and sticky too for a firm grip on that surface.

Solid rubber outsoles are more versatile-—as wearable in the gym as on the hardcourts—and durable, but that durability comes at the expense of a stiffer shoe. If your kid is a twinkle-toed winger, they might benefit from a more supple choice.

If they play on astroturf then you can get away with either of the above or if you don’t mind paying for a shoe just for this surface (but one that won’t be available for everyday use), the extra grip is great for twisting out of tight corners and quick bursts of pace.



The actual material used to make the boot has huge implications for their comfort and durability. Oh, and something else you will consider but will never cross your child’s mind. 

Any guesses? 

Yep: the price!

Most are made from leather: either genuine or synthetic. The three most common types are calf-skin, k-leather, and suede leather. Again, they each have their pros and cons.

Calfskin is the firmest and most durable. If your kid is a pillar of the defense, this is all the better for those firm challenges and hoofed clearances!

K-leather (or kangaroo leather) soccer shoes offer maximum comfort and feel, but pay for it with their durability.

Suede leather is a thinner, more supple option too. Another one for those nippy wingers!

The synthetic leathers benefit from being even lighter still, not to mention the added breathability.



The shape, inner cushioning, and upper of the shoes are what gives them their comfort and protection.

If your child has big wide feet—like mine does—then look for a broader pair. Check out the inner cushioning and the type of upper to see the stability and shock absorption they offer. 


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Reviews of 7 of the Best Kids Indoor Soccer Shoes



Our Pick
Adidas Kids Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoes

With a nice mixture of quality feel, sturdiness and a timeless design, these are a versatile choice that works just as well on the court as it does under the rigors of everyday use.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Adidas Kids Samba Classic

Ah, the timeless classic! I must have owned three or pairs of these over the years, as they have drifted in and out of fashion. They look just as good on the kids! 

The soft leather and gum rubber outsole give it a nice mixture of feel and sturdiness. And that stylish design makes them a versatile choice that works just as well under the rigors of everyday use.


  • Timeless classic
  • Versatile 
  • Gum rubber is great for ball control


  • Not the most durable for the price, as they are usually one of the more expensive options
Adidas Performance Kids' X 16.3 Indoor Soccer Cleats

Flashy. Lightweight. Aerodynamic. Bottom line? A solid option for speed seekers.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Adidas Performance X 16.3

Now these are made for the flashy wingers. So lightweight and aerodynamic. Perfect for those bursts of pace and showboats by the corner flag.

And that bold and bright design ensures the full-backs aren’t the only ones whose attention they’ll be grabbing!

100% synthetic, they have a special ‘techfit compression’ upper that molds itself to the foot, which gives a snugger fit than most and with a much quicker break-in that you get with authentic leather.


  • Great for speedy players who benefit from that lightweight design
  • They look awesome
  • Super-quick to break them in
  • Can often buy them for fairly cheap too


  • The lightweight material and design are a double-edged sword. Personally, I would look elsewhere if your kid is a defender or a midfielder who likes to get stuck in


adidas Child's X Speedflow Messi.3 Indoor Soccer Shoe

This indoor soccer shoe for kids is another sleek rubber sole, but with a tough mesh upper that helps couple protection with speed.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Adidas X Speedflow Messi.3

Well, the best player the world has ever seen had to have his own shoe – and fortunately, there’s a kids version, too!

It’s only fitting that Adidas is the company to make this epic shoe after the soccer world’s biggest star. Adidas is the undisputed king of soccer shoes, both for kids and, er, ‘bigger kids’…

This indoor soccer shoe for kids is another sleek rubber sole, but where this separates itself from the “Performance X” we just looked at, is that its mesh upper is a bit tougher. Perhaps it was designed for players like the great man Messi himself—players who need a little bit of protection alongside the turn of speed these shoes allow for.


  • Built to enable and enhance the player’s speed and technique
  • More protection than the Adidas Performance X


  • Not as nimble as the Adidas Performance X
  • At the pricier end of the market!


Puma Adreno Indoor Jr Soccer Shoe

With a sleek design, these offer soft synthetic uppers and the rubber soles ensure this shoe has a good grip and feel. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Puma Adreno Kids

Puma also has a fine pedigree in the soccer shoe market. 

These indoor soccer shoes for kids have soft synthetic uppers and the rubber soles ensure this shoe has a good grip and feel. 

They are nice and lightweight, but, as always, the trade-off is, they offer a little less protection.

I am a big fan of that sleek design—another one that looks plenty smart enough and plenty stylish enough for everyday wear too.


  • Lightweight is ideal for speed and ball control/feel
  • Stylish and versatile for everyday use


  • Small fitting, so order at least half a size up
  • Not the sturdiest we’ll be looking at today


Diadora Kid's Cattura TF Jr Turf Soccer Shoes

This pair of Diodoras, designed specifically for youth and junior players, does a great job providing everything kids need to enjoy their indoor soccer games.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Diadora Kids Cattura Turf

Now, this is a nice mixture of aesthetic and practical for a kid’s indoor soccer shoe. They look pretty funky but their padded ankle collar and shock-absorbing EVA foam inside mean they are a really resilient piece of kit too.

It’s 100% synthetic leather and its studded grips make it suitable for both synthetic and turf surfaces.


  • Lots of protection
  • Good for turf, as well as synthetic
  • Good for kids with a broader foot


  • Doesn’t have the nimble feel and control of some of the lighter options
  • The laces feel cheap


Joma Toledo Junior Indoor Soccer Shoe

These indoor soccer shoes are a solid pick for budget-minded (or growth-spurt wary) parents.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Joma Toledo Junior 

These are at the budget end of the soccer shoe market, but as I said at the start, with all those unpredictable growth spurts, you don’t really want to be forking out a small fortune for them anyway. 

If you do go cheaper, you just need to ensure you aren’t paying for it with badly made shoes. I’m pleased to confirm that these don’t sacrifice too much on quality to get to that price point.

They are made from a nice flexible leather that gives it stability to go with durability. And all for the price of a large pizza!


  • Fantastic value
  • A good sturdy shoe


  • Won’t offer the subtlety of touch or lightness of foot some of the others do


Hawkwell Youth Indoor Soccer Shoes

Nothing flashy to see here - just a lightweight indoor soccer shoe that offers stability and great protection.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Hawkwell Youth Indoor Soccer Shoes

The lightweight synthetic upper of these indoor soccer shoes for kids makes them a nice mixture of agility and durability. 

The cushioned insole and padded ankle support offer protection to go with the comfort.


  • Nice balance of light-weight with stability and protection


  • They look a bit plain- many kids like something a bit bolder

Final Thoughts on the Best Kids Indoor Soccer Shoes

So, the final verdict? I think that with your kids growing so fast, any way you can take to save costs on kitting them out should be grabbed with both hands. 

And with that in mind, my recommendation is for…(*drumroll please*)… the Adidas Samba Kids Classic!

It is by no means a sentimental choice, either; my rationale is purely practical. They not only offer superb grip and feel, but a solid middle-ground in protection and comfort as well. The fact they look just as good under a pair of jeans, as they do below a pair of shorts, is just the icing on the cake!


Oh – and a final note. If you’re looking for the best indoor soccer shoes for grown-ups, we can help you!

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