Soccer Ball Sizes – plus a Helpful Chart

When you get to the heart of it - there’s only one thing you need to play the beautiful game. So how to understand soccer ball sizes?
Soccer Ball Sizes

Soccer isn’t the most expensive sport, but it’s not the cheapest either. There are cleats, shin guards, uniforms, goalie gloves, and so much more. 

But if you get to the heart of it – there’s only one thing you need to play the beautiful game. And that’s a quality, right-sized soccer ball. 

If you’re new to the sport – or trying to figure out what to gift to your niece or nephew – the numbering system of soccer balls may be confusing at first. But don’t worry – we’ve broken it down for you.

Soccer Ball Size Chart

soccer ball size chart

Helpful Note: As the size of the soccer ball increases, the soccer ball’s number also goes up.  


Soccer Ball Sizes

Soccer Ball Size 1

Size 1

The smallest in the bunch, a size 1 soccer ball is best for toddlers

These soccer balls measure 15-18 inches and weigh just about 200 grams (or about 4 Pop-Tarts!). 

It’s worth getting a small soccer ball for the little ones so they can practice dribbling and kicking a ball that’s not hip-high.


Soccer Ball Size 2

Size 2

Next up, a size 2 soccer ball is great for kids aged 3-5 years old.

A size 2 soccer ball measures 20-22 inches and on average, weighs approximately 250 grams. 

The second-smallest soccer ball is great for young ones who are just joining a team at a young age and beginning their soccer careers.


Soccer Ball Size 3

Size 3

A size 3 soccer ball is your best option for kids ages 5-8. 

Measuring 23-24 inches and weighing approximately 300 grams, a size 3 soccer ball is a good option for kids who are leaving Mighty Mites and little kid games behind and getting closer to “real” soccer practices and games. Kids of this age benefit from having a soccer ball that’s the right size for drills, practices, and games.


Soccer Ball Size 4

Size 4

When your kid is in the 8-12-year-old age group, you’ll want to step up to a size 4 soccer ball. 

Coming in at 25-26 inches and weighing 350-390 grams, a size 4 soccer ball is the most common size you’ll see at a kids’ weekend soccer tournament. 


Soccer Ball Size 5

Size 5

A regulation size 5 soccer ball is the size used by high school players, collegiate athletes – even professional players.

Weighing about 425 grams and measuring a full 28 inches, size 5 soccer balls are worth the investment for any teenager or adult-level play. 


So there you go! All you need to know for understanding soccer ball sizes and learning which soccer ball size is best for you – or your lucky gift recipient. 

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